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Instant Bond Tactiles

Aussie Tactiles Instant Bond tactiles are quick and simple to install and require no additional adhesive. With no mess and no need to close off access points, installation and replacement of missing tactiles can be carried out quickly and effectively.

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Instant Bond Stainless Steel Tactile
  • $1.09
Stainless Steel Tactile with 18mm Stem
  • $1.24
Stainless Steel Carborundum Tactile
  • $1.49
  • $1.29
Instant Bond Carborundum Tactile
  • $1.31

Stair Nosing

Aussie Tactiles are now stocking a range of Aluminium and Fibreglass Stair Nosings

50mm Wide Anti-Slip Strips
  • From $13.86
30mm x 70mm Fibreglass Stair Nosing
  • From $19.80
10mm x 50mm Aluminium Stair Nosing
  • From $19.80
Sikaflex 11FC
  • $19.80


Luminous Contrast

Luminous contrast...What is it and why is it important?

Layout Requirements - Hazardous Tactiles

Need some help installing your tactiles? This post explains exactly where your tactiles need to go.

Tactile Design - Hazardous Tactiles

Design Requirements                             Discrete                                 Integrated                           Composite Discrete Di...