Tactile Design - Hazardous Tactiles

Design Requirements 


             Discrete                                 Integrated                           Composite Discrete

Discrete – Indicators are individually installed and have the same colour for both the top and sloping sides

Integrated – indicators are in sheet form (eg, 300 x 300 tactiles mats) and have the same color and material for both the domes and base surface

Composite – Indicators are individually installed and comprises of differing colours for the top and sloping sides  


Hazardous Tactiles 

TGSI’s shall have a top surface no more than 2mm to 5mm above the base surface (Discrete and Composite Discrete) 

The Base surface of an integrated tactile shall be not more than 3mm above the abutment surface of the surrounding floor or ground surface

All TGSI’s must be slip resistant


Spacing Requirements 

Tactiles shall be laid with 50mm centers