Anti-Slip Stair Nosing

Anti-Slip Stair Nosing Adds Extra Safety to Your Staircase

A stair nosing overhangs the top of a stair’s tread, giving extra space for feet while protecting the edge of the stairs from wear and tear and damage, especially in areas with high foot traffic. Aussie Tactiles supply anti-slip stair nosing that not only protects the treads but adds an extra safety measure to staircases - especially important in commercial spaces. It is also vital to have a balustrade or railing alongside four or more stairs for added safety.

Benefits of Non-Slip Stair Nosing

Steps are vulnerable to wear and tear, especially where it supports many pedestrians each day. Non-slip nosing protects the entire step surface and offers several benefits.

  • Since stair nosing protrudes over the edge of the tread, it creates extra space for feet. This overhang defines the tread's edge, making it more easily visible, especially for people with poor eyesight and staircases with low lighting, reducing trips and falls.
  • There are several different stair nosing designs to choose from, which will add to the aesthetic look of the staircase.
  • When assessing the options to make your staircase safe, you can choose between rubber, composite, and liquid epoxy resin as non-slip stair nosing. The use of metal nosing on treads that have regular foot traffic protects the edges.

Related Services We Provide to Safe Stair Treads

Staircases are not the only safety hazards building managers face, and many floor types can be slippery. However, we have products that help reduce the smoothness of a floor’s surface, especially in high foot traffic zones. We have an extensive product range of tactile ground surface indicators for all floors. The raised grid pattern of stud tactile indicators provides people with a warning that they are close to a hazard or provide directional information, making it easier and safer for them to navigate their way through urban and built-up areas.

  • Our self-stick polyurethane non-slip and directional tactile pads are available in various colours, come with a primer for porous surfaces, are UV stable, and have a two-year warranty. They are suitable for concrete, wood, vinyl, and all smooth, hard floor surfaces.
  • Our range of stainless-steel tactile plates come complete with tactiles welded onto the plate and a ten-year guarantee against corrosion. Their design aims to assist people with orientation and direction.
  • Our tactile pads and plate ranges offer self-tapping stem or self-adhesive options, which allow for quick installation.

About Aussie Tactiles

We are an Australian family business supplying contractors, applicators, builders, and maintenance companies throughout Australia. Our specially trained team can guide you through regulation compliance with the National Construction Code and the luminous Contrast value. We have been helping to make pedestrian areas safe for over 15 years. We’re based in Bowden, South Australia but offer shipping Australia-wide.

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