Rubber Stair Nosings

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Walking or running up a flight of stairs has become a natural activity that the majority of people don’t give a second thought. For this reason, you should consider adding rubber stair nosings to enhance the grip and prevent nasty accidents. With the additional traction, you can be confident that the safety measure will eliminate slipping incidents. Aussie Tactiles supplies various types of stair nosings for public or private properties.

Benefits of Carborundum Stair Nosings

Without stair nosings, the staircase remains a potential hazard for the elderly and little children. Their depth perception may not be at its best which could lead to them misplacing a step. Furthermore, if you’re dealing with industrial property, a chemical spillage can make the staircase slippery, which isn’t ideal in that environment. Installing stair nosings distinguishes one step from the next, whether it’s carborundum or rubber material.

  • The primary purpose of this installation is to reduce the potential for accidents on a staircase. The stair nosing adds a visual warning to people to establish the size of the step. Since it adds a few centimetres to the step, your foot fits comfortably, especially with taller people.
  • When you consider climbing a staircase, the part that experiences the most traffic is the edge of the step. For this reason, the material that supports the high frequency of foot traffic must be durable. Without a stair nosing in place, the staircase's actual material can undergo severe damage through the various objects that lodge itself under people’s shoes. Employing the use of stair nosings help to absorb those elements while protecting the staircase.
  • Apart from concrete staircases, modern designs include various materials such as wooden staircases or ceramic tiles that require protection. When you fit in stair nosings, you increase the staircase's longevity and prevent accidents from occurring. As a result, you save money that you’d have to spend on repairing the damage to stairs and for insurance claims against injuries.

What Sets Aussie Tactiles Apart Regarding Luminous Stair Nosings

When you decide to include luminous stair nosings on your property, you have to ensure it’s of the highest quality.

  • We’ve identified reliable manufacturers and suppliers of stair nosings and select those with the best quality. We have a reputation to maintain and for this reason, won’t stock products that fall short of our requirements.
  • You can depend on our team for their knowledge of the National Construction Code. We offer you sound advice on the regulations you must comply with in the process.
  • Our online store offers you a convenient way to shop for the essentials you require for your projects. We’ll deliver your order directly to you for free.

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