Self-Adhesive Tactiles

Source Self Adhesive Tactiles to Make Every Job Easier

Self-adhesive tactiles offer one of the easiest ways to make potentially dangerous pedestrian traffic areas safer and more accessible for all. A requirement under the National Construction Code, tactiles provide a clear differentiator between levels and types of surfaces. Whether you are building a new structure, modifying an existing property, or maintaining a current set of tactiles, the right supplier makes the entire process easier to manage. At Aussie Tactiles, we stock an extensive range of fully-compliant tactile pads that are easy to use, cost-effective, and ready for installation today.

The Importance of Polyurethane Tactile Pads

From one perspective, tactiles are only important for a single reason: to meet specific targets for compliance so that your property is in accord with all the relevant regulations. Many other things compete for your attention every day, and tactiles may be low on the list. However, consider their importance — and use that understanding to inform how you source them:

  • Without tactile pads, it would be impossible for those with diminished vision to know when specific hazards were nearby, such as the top of a staircase. This basic approach to accessibility and safety is why it is mandatory to have tactiles installed near staircases and elevation changes.
  • Using various coloured indicators is also helpful to provide a visual indication of distinct areas. For example, a public transit platform might use indicators of different colours to denote particular loading or unloading areas. With careful thought, it's easy to make your tactiles into multi-taskers.
  • Tactile indicators help keep everyone safe, not only those with vision impairments. Wheelchair users can also sense tactile pad changes, and even the average pedestrian will notice them underfoot — a vital consideration in the age of the smartphone.

The Benefits of Peel and Stick Tactiles from Aussie Tactiles

At Aussie Tactiles, ease of use and quick installation are essential. We believe that by making it simpler for sites to install PVC tactiles and related safety hardware, we can help enhance compliance and keep the general public safer. Consider the specific advantages of our self-stick tactiles:

  • They're entirely suitable and robust enough to work in indoor and outdoor environments, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to meet differing demands.
  • Installation takes far less time and requires minimal surface preparation. "Peel and stick" is indeed all there is to it. Remove the backing, affix to the appropriate surface, and apply pressure. The bond is long-lasting and weather-resistant, so maintenance needs are low.
  • Through the use of templates, exact tactile designs are easy to create and implement. At Aussie Tactiles, we include a free installation template any time a client orders 300 or more indicators at one time.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Stick On Tactiles?

The advantages of using self-stick tactile pads are easy to see, but what makes Aussie Tactiles the right choice to satisfy your requirements? Take a quick look at what we've done to make our service stand out:

  • We don't limit ourselves to one type of indicator. From polyurethane to stainless steel and brass, we have solutions suitable for all kinds of environments. Whether you need tactiles that work in an industrial setting or a more sophisticated indoor environment, we have the right option on hand.
  • Free standard shipping Australia-wide. Why pay extra for the products you need to meet compliance goals? We go the extra step for our clients by quickly shipping orders at no additional cost. For rush orders and urgent requirements, we do offer additional options.
  • Friendly customer service when you have questions. We provide as much data as possible about our products online, but we're also always happy to hear from you if you need additional information before purchasing.

About Aussie Tactiles

A family-run business, Aussie Tactiles is part of a 15-year legacy of supporting builders and contractors with essential materials. Today, we're proud to carry on with our work by providing contractors and trades with a simple solution for meeting compliance requirements and safely installing efficient tactile indicators. Start exploring all the options we have available now, or say hello to our team to share any questions or concerns you may have.