Stainless Steel Tactiles

Self-Tapping Stem or Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Tactiles

Aussie Tactiles is your go-to shop for all your tactile needs and advice, based in Bowden, South Australia, offering in-store and online shopping and delivery Australia-wide. Our wide selections include polyurethane-, stainless steel tactiles, brass, and carborundum plates and pads. We have products that require drilling into the floor surface to secure them in place. The pads come with self-tapping stems, and we also supply self-adhesive bonds and primers for porous surfaces. We provide the installation templates for the individual tactiles with stems and the self-adhesive flat tactiles.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Tactile Plates

When looking for stainless tactiles as warning hazards for obstacles or directional indicators on floor surfaces, we offer brass, stainless steel, and carborundum tactile plates and pads. These components are highly suitable because of their durability, making them ideal for installation in areas with heavy foot traffic. The sound of footsteps change against the stainless steel domes and alerts pedestrians that tactiles are in place, which will indicate them to a direction to follow or warn of an approaching hazard or obstruction.

  • Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, fire, and heat, which increases the lifespan of tactiles that face the elements and heavy foot traffic on outdoor sidewalks.
  • Stainless steel provides the strength and impact resistance that tactiles need since they are repeatedly stepped on and have shopping carts, bicycle, and pram wheels riding over them regularly.
  • Stainless steel is easy to work with when manufacturing items, making stainless tactile pads cost-effective. It is also completely recyclable - when remelted, it can be made into new products.

What You Can Expect from Aussie Tactiles Regarding Tactile Plates

You will find various high-quality tactile plates and pads that meet stringent safety standards, both in-store and online. We also offer non-slip polyurethane and yellow or black carborundum tactile options. Our stainless steel pad range includes tactiles with a convenient 3M VHB double-sided bonding system, an instant bond adhesive that requires no drying or setting period, making your installation time shorter.

  • We offer to ship orders across Australia and a shipping discount for bulk orders.
  • When you order 300 or more tactiles, we will include an installer's template for free.
  • Our polyurethane self-stick tactile pads come in red, yellow, black, white, and blue, are UV stable, and have a two-year warranty. Our stainless steel, poly stainless steel, and carborundum tactile plates have a ten-year warranty, while our brass plates have an eight-year guarantee.

How Much Do You Know About Tactile Pads?

Tactile ground surface indicators are a global initiative to assist the visually impaired with navigating built-up environments. By mounting them on pedestrian surfaces, they alert foot-travelers of approaching roads, public pathways, gradient changes, and obstacles ahead. The design of their distinctive surfaces allows for them to be felt underfoot or by a cane. It is best to install them at the top and bottom of staircases, ramps, escalators, and moving walks.

Tactile indicator pads are individually installed either with a stainless steel self-tapping stem or instant bond adhesive. Discrete indicators are made of a single component, generally stainless steel or brass, and are one solid colour. Composite indicators have different colours on the top and sloping sides, making them more noticeable, especially when yellow non-slip carborundum is on top. Integrated indicators have the tactiles on a sheet; the sheet and the domes are the same colour and made from the same material.

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