Stair Nosing

We Supply Stair Nosing Components to Meet Safety Standards and Aesthetic Appeal

Stair nosing is vital in many environments, such as hospitals, schools, and offices. Not only does it prevent falls, but it also assists visually impaired people to navigate their way safely and independently. Aussie Tactiles stocks a wide range of treads in various colours and materials to suit your application.

The Benefits of Installing Stair Nosing Treads

Technological advancements and continuous research and development enable us to continually upgrade our products to satisfy your requirements.

  • For children and our older community, navigating stairs can often be a daunting task. Falling on stairs often result in serious injury, and sometimes death. By defining each step's edge, stair nosing can help prevent falls, and, in some designs, provides a bigger area to place your feet. The anti-slip material ensures a firm grip for unsteady feet, reducing the risk of tripping.
  • Stair noses protect your set of steps from everyday wear and tear. This additional layer of protection ensures the durability and longevity of stairs and, as such, can add value to your property. Black stair nosing can add a positive aesthetic to your area by creating a seamless look, and blending in with existing colour themes. The extended life of your staircase requires fewer repairs, saving you money.
  • Our high stock levels ensure easy accessibility when wanting to lay new treads or replace your old ones. Many high traffic areas wear your treads down over time, and our easy DIY installation guide assists in a quick and effortless replacement. Suitable for a variety of substrates, our nosing options will ensure your building complies with local legislation, and reduce injury in the workplace.

When Choosing Safety Nosing for Stairs Consider This

From spiral staircases to basement steps, to office stairwells, nosing is a vital safety feature that can look good too.

  • Consider the application. Before installing nosing, consider the environment it’s located in. Will there be a lot of foot traffic, or is the staircase in a quiet residence? Busy areas require durable material that doesn’t damage easily. Another requirement to think about is if you need visibility or prefer the nosing to blend in.
  • Choose the shape. There are a few shapes that you can choose from when installing stair nosing for tile, wood, or vinyl flooring. Round and square overhangs provide a larger foot space, where no overhang offers a sleek, minimalistic look.
  • Select an appropriate finish. Once you’ve decided on the functional features, it’s time to consider the finish. You can either match your existing stair material, or go for a contrast of materials.

Why Trust Aussie Tactiles Regarding Stair Nosing

Fifteen years in the industry have allowed us to build a reputation of trust in stair nosing. We supply and assist with any after-sales activities you may need, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Manufactured from top-quality materials, our comprehensive range goes through stringent quality control testing to ensure you receive only the best product. For more information, contact us.