Tactile Indicators

We Supply a Wide Range of Tactile Indicators

Tactile indicators are slightly raised truncated cones that you install on the ground to provide information about potential hazards in the path of travel, as well as directional information for people who have a visual impairment. With over 600 000 Australians experiencing some affliction with their vision, it’s critical that they feel the tactile surface indicators with their feet or canes. Aussie Tactiles stocks a vast catalogue of tactile indicators with various material and installation options.

What You Should Know About Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Tactile indicators are compulsory in new and refurbished public environments. If the general public has access to an area where tripping and collision hazards are present, it’s crucial to install tactiles. Since they’re small, construction teams overlook it during the build, which leads to certification issues.

  • There are two types of tactile indicators - warning and directional. The former acts as a stop sign for pedestrians when you apply it to the ground. Elderly people, children, and those who are visually impaired obtain information about a potential hazard, indicating that they should stop to identify the nature of the obstacle before proceeding. Usually, it can signal the beginning of a staircase, escalator, ramp, railway platform or bus stop.
  • Directional tactile indicators are also textured surface features that consist of directional bars to assist people who have a problem with their vision. It helps them to navigate open spaces while taking them on a specific route that is safe and accessible. Furthermore, it provides the general public with a safe travel path when they have to deviate from their route, such as at a pedestrian crossing or close to public transport hubs.
  • Tactiles are available in several material types, however, there’s no prescription by law regarding which material you install. Brass tactile indicators are an example of a durable, UV-stable and corrosion-resistant material that comply with the relevant standards. Polyurethane tactile indicators and stainless steel tactiles are the preferred materials across Australia.

What to Expect from Aussie Tactiles Regarding Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

We collaborate with contractors, applicators, building and maintenance builders across the country to ensure their projects meet Australian standards. As a legal requirement, tactiles are an essential addition to public areas, and with our help, your project remains compliant.

  • We have a wide range of tactile indicators from brass to polyurethane and tactile plates to self-stick tactile pads. Our instant bond tactiles are simple to install, and since you don’t require additional adhesive, you can complete the process quickly. Furthermore, there’s no mess which means you don’t have to close off access points for the installation.
  • When you purchase our instant bond tactiles, you don’t have to drill through tiles for installation. You simply apply it to the surface whether its concrete, asphalt, vinyl or any type of hard floor for that matter. Every product you find in our store has been through the necessary tests, and we supply those with the highest quality.
  • Instead of heading down to a physical store, we offer you the opportunity to shop online. Browse the various tactile indicators and select the appropriate material for your building. When you acquire more than 300 tactiles, we’ll include the installation templates, on the house. We deliver orders to hundreds of customers globally but offer free shipping in Australia.

About Aussie Tactiles

We’ve been the number one source of tactiles for over 15 years in Australia. As a local family business, exceptional customer service is non-negotiable. When you shop with us, you can expect the stock to be in possession, and we provide our products at affordable prices.

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