Tactile Mats

Consider Installing Tactile Mats in Your Building

Tactile mats are a critical addition to an environment that withstands high foot traffic. Traditionally, visually impaired people require the presence of tactiles to determine if hazards are approaching or if they need to alter their direction of movement. Essentially, it’s a safety feature that is available as mats to cover a larger area of ground. Aussie Tactiles is a reputable company that supplies high-quality products to contractors, applicators and builders.

What You Should Know About Tactile Mats

Seiichi Miyake created tactiles back in 1965 in Japan. Its original name was Tenji blocks, and one of the first places to obtain them was Okayama City. During the 1970s, they became mandatory across Japanese railways and today feature in major cities across the globe.

  • People with visual impairments rely on physical, audible and other sensory information from their immediate surroundings to determine their positioning. The majority of people who have poor vision can differentiate colours. They probably have a sensitivity to lights and shades which highlights the need for a bright contrast. Since visually impaired people use other senses, pedestrian facilities must have consistent designs with tactile mats.
  • When a pedestrian with poor vision is about to cross the street, they need to determine the crossing point and where the footpath ends, and the roadway begins. Other factors that tactile mats address is the direction in which they should cross the street, maintaining their orientation while walking and identifying the end of the roadway and the beginning of the crossing point on the opposite side.
  • There are several material options regarding tactile mats. We recommend polyurethane and stainless-steel mats. Polyurethane is a hard-wearing material that you could use both indoors and outside. You can install it after laying the substrate, which means it works on both new and existing surfaces. The stainless-steel options are more stylish and consist of high-quality 316 polished stainless steel. These tactiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What Sets Aussie Tactiles Apart Regarding Tactile Mats

We are a one-stop-shop for your tactile requirements and advice. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with contractors of all sizes and always delivered high-quality products that are still in operation today.

  • In Australia, tactile indicators are mandatory in public buildings and areas. If the public has access to a particular facility, and if there is a potential hazard, you have to install tactile mats. Our team has a proper understanding of the legal requirements and will help you avoid certification issues in your project.
  • Our tactile mats satisfy the regulations of the National Construction Code along with luminous contrasting and slip resistance. We guarantee that our stainless steel plates won’t corrode for at least ten years. We’ve coupled the UV-stable polyurethane pads with a two-year warranty.
  • The online shopping experience we provide is straightforward. After paying for your order online, we will ship the package to you for free anywhere around Australia.

About Aussie Tactiles

We have provided products with superior quality to local contractors for over 15 years. As a result, we are the preferred supplier of all things relating to tactiles.

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