High-Quality Tactiles That Ensure Easy Accessibility Throughout Australia

Manufactured from high-quality materials, our range of tactiles warn visually impaired pedestrians of hazards that lie ahead. Aussie Tactiles’ use of colours and patterns aids people in navigating urban environments safely and self-sufficiently.

Key Questions to Ask Aussie Tactiles About Tactile Installation

Our friendly team are always willing to guide your layout, and seek clarification from the council for your application.

  • What’s the difference between directional and warning stem tactiles? Also called leading tactile indicators, directional tactiles consist of guiding bars to orientate pedestrians with limited vision. They assist people in navigating open areas and designate the most appropriate route. These indicators also help when one must deviate from the path to access a building, crossing point, or public transport terminal. Warning, or hazard tactile indicators, create the intention similar to a stop sign. These textured surfaces alert pedestrians to a hazard in their line of travel.
  • What tactile installation is best-suited to my project? Both polyurethane and stainless steel tactiles are ideal for outdoor applications. Polyurethane indicators are hardwearing and suited to both new and existing areas. Available in black and grey, as well as yellow for advanced safety precautions. Stainless steel indicators are for both indoor and outdoor environments. They have a retro-fit design and you can install them during or after your substrate. UV and corrosion-resistance ensures a hardy, long-lasting application.
  • Are tactile indicators necessary for my project? All public areas in Australia require tactiles. If the general public has access to it, and if there are any collision or falling hazards, stem tactiles are a mandatory feature. It is not uncommon for you to overlook tactiles, but failure to install them could result in a fine.

Background to the Development of Tactile Installation

Every 65 minutes, a person gets professionally diagnosed with a visual impairment in Australia, so it is crucial to provide a safe environment for differently-abled citizens.

  • Stem tactiles provide a change of ground texture that assists people who have lost their sight to walk in a safe environment. With the aid of environmental cues such as the kerb, parking meters, and property lines, tactiles offer directional guidance and warning signs.
  • People with limited vision rely on the visual contrast between their path and the brightness, hue, and saturation to navigate safely. The different coloured tactiles enable them to move around independently.
  • In today’s technological environment, it is not uncommon to see pedestrians on their phones. This often causes a distraction from their surroundings. The change in colour acts as a visual aid, while the different texture makes them aware that a hazard is approaching.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Aussie Tactiles

Thanks to rigorous training, our team can assist with layout requirements, permissions, and legislative codes regarding tactile application, pre, and post-project. Our offerings include DIY self-stick options, with easy-to-follow installation guidelines. Our user-friendly online store allows you to purchase from anywhere, and we provide worldwide shipping. If you require assistance with your project, contact us.